Benefits Office

Welfare Fund

Insurance and Forms:

All United Health Care coverage details and the following forms

  • Paid sick leave claim form
  • Disability claim form
  • Colorado Pipe Industry Trust Funds
  • Death Benefit claim form
  • Insurance enrollment forms

can be accessed through Colorado Pipe Industry Funds. Please visit them at or by phone at 

      (720)-923-7791 - OR- 1-800-257-2168

Enrollment forms can be found under Active Plan Documents 

  •   Active plan enrollment form 

 **If you are a pipe tradesman you will use the basic enrollment form under Basic Plan Documents.


Please Provide the Following Copies for Adding Spouses & Children to your insurance: 

  • Spouse: Copy of Marriage Certificate 
  • Children adopted or biological only : Copies of Social Security Cards & Birth Certificates 
  • If you already have individuals listed on your insurance and are adding a new individual please list the ones already on the insurance with the phrase "On File" in the space for their social security number. If you do not list them, they will be taken off automatically. 
Taking People off  Your Insurance: 
  • Divorcees & Separations: Please provide a copy of the Divorce Decree or Separation Agreement to take the individual off the insurance. You will also need to update your beneficiaries & emergency contact if this individual was listed as such. 
  • For any questions on form requirements please contact the Local Union Hall: 303-739-9300

Form to Apply for Common Law 

List of Eligible Purchases with your HRA card 

February 2020 HRA Notice
Information regarding using your new WEX HRA card.

HRA Reimbursement Form
You may also request a reimbursement through your PICO HRA smart phone app.
You can access information on how to utilize the HRA card by reading this form

Paid Sick Leave
All claims will need to be submitted directly to Colorado Pipe Industry.
Local 3 will not be reimbursing you for your lost wages.
Contractors need to sign off on the form as well in order for it to be authorized.
Please contact Colorado Pipe for eligibility and questions 720-923-7791.

COVID-19 Vaccines
The COVID-19 vaccines are now available to anyone over the age of 16. If you or any of your family members are interested in getting the vaccination, is a great resource for finding vaccination information.


United Health Care

Claims, ID Cards, Benefits -800-207-3172

Vision Service Plan - 1-800-877-7195

TELADOC Virtual doctor visits

TalkSpace Talk to an online therapist 24/7


You can now log on to to register and take advantage of many new services, such as print temporary insurance cards, review the status of a claim and much more.

How to find a Cigna Dentist near you
You MUST set this dentist up as your primary dentist on Cigna's website in order to receive the benefits and discount prices available to you in this program.

Cigna dental 800-244-6224

Behavioral Health Assistance Information

How to utilize the MAP( Member Assistance Program)
The benefit includes 8 counseling sessions at no cost to the member. This is done through a EAP (employee assistance program). 
These counseling sessions can be related to personal problems, family problems, stress, work related issues, etc.

First call: 1-888-325-3978
They will give you preapproval to get a list of approved doctors. When you call the EAP you will need to get an authorization number and a CPT code.
Give these items to the Doctor for billing. The bills will then be directed to the EAP.
If the doctor does not know how to bill the EAP, have them can call 1-800-926-2273 and they will walk the doctor through the process.

Employee Assistance Program

How to find a Doctor

Telephone Assistance