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COVID-19 VIRUS - (3/13/2020)

March 13, 2020
Brothers and Sisters,

Just a brief memo concerning the COVID-19 virus. We continue to monitor the progression of this virus in our State. We will closely follow recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, along with these two agencies, any mandates that could be put in place by Local, State or the Federal government. As of today, March 13th, we are postponing apprenticeship classes for two weeks minimum and we will monitor the pandemic during this period of time and make another decision in two weeks. Apprentices will be notified by the 27th of March as to what will be happening from that point on. The Union and the JATC will remain open for business during this period of time, but I would encourage apprentices and members to limit their time in the building unless it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

We will see how this scenario might affect the upcoming union meeting, we will send electronic and postal notifications if the meeting needs to be cancelled. We definitely want to limit any exposure to our members, and large gatherings are not ideal for minimizing the exposure of COVID-19.
CIGNA will cover the testing for COVID-19 with no co-pay to the member or dependents.
While the safety and health of our members is a top priority, Local 3 does not make the decision for job closures. Those decisions will be at the discretion of the contractor, owner/end user or governmental mandate. As of right now I have not been informed of any job closures, there is still a lot of chaos surrounding the virus and there is a possibility that I haven’t been notified yet. I hope that it does not come to this for our members but want you all to know it could be very likely. If you have any signs or symptoms, I would encourage you to notify your employer and stay home.

The Center for Disease Control and the Colorado Department of Health and Environment websites both have very valuable information on them to protect yourself and your loved ones. If you do not feel comfortable going to work, please have that conversation with your employer.

Email is the quickest form of communication for Local 3, please encourage your co-workers (from a distance) to contact us and update their contact information. Please try to limit communication with the Local or the JATC to email, text or phone calls for at least the next two weeks.

Please take all the necessary precautions to keep yourselves and families healthy!

Fraternally yours,
Sean Wyatt
Business Manager

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